RGV Factory Cupcake Menu

Amy Nichol Smith

S’mores in cupcake, melts in your mouth!


An Abuelita hot chocolate cupcake with whipped cream frosting topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon and 1 pirouette straw sticking out!

– Available Wednesdays and Fridays

Berry White

Dazzling vanilla cupcake with creamy strawberry frosting and white chocolate shavings.

– Available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

It’s breakfast in a cupcake! French toast cupcake with a Aqua Maple buttercream.

– Available Tuesdays and Thursdays

Carrot Top CupcakeCarrot Top

Fresh carrot cake cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting…YUM!

– Available Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays

Strawberry Fields

Fresh strawberry cupcake with light strawberry buttercream.

– Available on Saturdays


Luscious chocolate cupcake with a creamy peanut butter filling topped with chocolate buttercream and a chocolate drizzle.

– Available Wednesdays and Saturdays


Rockin’ vanilla bean swirl cupcake frosted in a rockin’ swirled buttercream!

– Available on Saturdays

King of Rock

Banana cupcake (with gold liner) with a peanut butter filling, buttercream frosting and shiny gold shimmer.

– Available Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Lady M

Gourmet marble cake with buttercream frosting topped with chocolate and white chocolate shavings.

– Available all week

Pineapple Express

A pineapple upside down cupcake with a dollop of cream cheese frosting topped with a cherry.

– Available Mondays

The Barbie Doll

A strawberry cupcake with cream cheese and ABUNDANTLY smothered in fun rainbow sprinkles!

– Available Mondays and Fridays

The Betty

Vanilla bean cupcake with delightful buttercream frosting and white chocolate shavings.

– Available all week

The Biebs!

Sweet white chocolate cupcake with purple white chocolate buttercream frosting.

– Available Fridays

The Brad

Vanilla bean cupcake frosted in buttercream, domed in toasted coconut.

– Available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

The Charlie CupcakeThe Charlie

A rocky road cupcake, YUM!

– Available Wednesdays

The Gwen

It’s a strawberry-banana smoothie in a cupcake and garnished with a crisp banana chip.

– Available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

The Halle

Delightful chocolate cupcake with a strawberry frosting!

– Available Mondays and Thursdays

The Hugh

Rich red velvet cupcake with a delicate cream cheese frosting dressed with red crumbs.

– Available all week

The Katy

Moist strawberry cupcake with a light buttercream frosting topped with rainbow sprinkles and a peppermint candy.

– Available all week

The Kim CupcakeThe Kim

Delicious chocolate cupcake with a cream cheese insert, cream cheese frosting, chocolate drizzle and signature heart!

– Available all week

The Martin

Vanilla bean cupcake filled with grape jelly, frosted with a peanut butter buttercream and garnished with toasted peanuts and drizzled in grape jelly!

The M.J.

Popping milk chocolate cupcake with an amazing buttercream!

– Available all week

The Mickey

Chocolate chip cupcake with buttercream frosting with Oreo crumbs and garnished with two chocolate covered Oreo cookies. .

– Available Wednesdays

The Napoleon

A Neapolitan cupcake (Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla swirl) frosted with a chocolate and strawberry swirl frosting and chocolate sprinkles.

– Available Mondays and Wednesdays

The Nikki

Strawberry and chocolate swirl cupcake with a fun swirled color cream cheese frosting.

– Available Fridays

The Nutty Professor

Milk chocolate cupcake with ganache filling, light cream cheese frosting topped with roasted almonds.

The O!

Angelic chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting and garnished with a signature heart!

– Available Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays

The O.J.

Sinful chocolate cupcake, topped with chocolate buttercream and buried in pecans

– Available Tuesdays and Thursdays

The Princess

Exquisite Italian Crème cupcake with a delightful cream cheese frosting topped with toasted coconut.

– Available all week

The Rih Rih

Chocolate cake with a red buttercream frosting with a gold dust finish.

The Smurfette

Blueberry cupcake with creamy cream cheese frosting, topped with a mini BLUE M&M’s.

– Available upon special order

The Whoopie

Chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream frosting, rimmed in chocolate sprinkles.

– Available Thursdays

The Winner!

Warm Peach Cobbler cupcake topped with vanilla whipped frosting, garnished with a Mexican treat- a BUNELO!

Yoda CupcakeYoda

May the force be with this all around PISTACHIO flavored cupcake garnished with white chocolate shavings.

– Available Tuesdays and Thursdays